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10 Responses to Subscribe to Posts

  1. aunt chris

    I am so excited that you got your VISA! YES!! Thank you Lord! The countdown begins! Praying for you as you get ready to depart! 🙂

  2. Patricia Cerenil


    I feel so privileged to know you. Love what you are sharing on social media, may you continue to be encouraged in all that you do. We are praying for you continuously!

  3. Julie Scully

    Thanks Danica for a blog!! I’m Daniel’s mom, and don’t hear very much. Thanks for leading the team!! Way to go!! Do you know how much Kerrie and Shay need to join you? $$?? I’m thinking of doing a soup feed at church next Saturday night, and followed by after church on Sunday. Not this weekend but next. Most of the ingredients will be donated and we have a bunch of generous hungry folks that go for these things often and in a generous way. I’m trying to get it all together now, and in the next week. Pray it falls together sooner than later. If other monies beat me to it, any extra will go to $ for your team to use in Mexico. All around a great idea. Now to follow through… !! love, ya sister yet to meet, Julie

    • danica

      Hi Julie!! Glad you found the blog, I usually update it every 1-2 weeks, so hopefully that will help you feel connected with Daniel a tiny bit. We are just waiting on Shay and she needs $800. Thanks for your generous spirit, I know the whole team appreciates anything you might be able to give towards getting her here, and we are so thankful for your prayers!!

  4. Julie

    It looks like the soup bar fell through…. sorry. Still praying.

  5. Ken

    Hi there Danica, enjoying your blog and pics. I’m a pastor in Scotland and about to teach a course I put together on Mission.
    I wondered if you would allow me to use your photo of you guys ‘praying for team members’ in Guatemala?
    It’s for the students notes…I like to use colour and pics. Thank you!

  6. Rosemary

    Love your reports and the work you’re doing for the Lord may He bless you in every way.
    Love G& GW

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