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About danica

Christian. Writer. Missionary.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Joakim and I celebrated from Indiana where we are enjoying being with my family! We also celebrated 6 months of marriage. It’s a small milestone but after everything we have done the last six months, we feel like an old married couple. We had 2 weddings, lived in 3 different countries, spent … Continue reading »

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A Twist in my Story

Hi faithful blog readers, It has come to my attention that my last blog was written over a year ago at approximately the same time that two major events in my life happened: I finished everything I had planned to do with YWAM I started dating this really awesome guy Suddenly, my creativity dried up. … Continue reading »

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The School of Supernatural Missions

I am back from the cabin in the woods!  I just completed the School of Supernatural Missions with YWAM in California. The school was amazing! It was a in depth look at many of the things that God has been speaking to me about and leading me in over the last year or so.  We … Continue reading »

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California Dreamin’

Two weeks into my new school! I am finding it different (but not in a bad way!) to be a student again. This week we had awesome speakers from Freedom River Outreach in Tacoma, WA. They were teaching us about their prayer ministry that they do in the streets of Tacoma amoung homeless, drug addicts … Continue reading »

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Big Changes Ahead!

Big Changes Ahead! Writing a blog title like that- it gets people interested. What are the changes? You want to know. I thought about writing a title like so many popular links that show up on Facebook: Woman Circumvents the Globe and you won’t BELIEVE what happens next… Click the link for the story! But … Continue reading »

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Fruit Simply Happens

It was in her book ‘Birthing the Miraculous’ that missionary Heidi Baker said,  “Fruitfulness is birthed from love. Bearing fruit is a delight, but it is not the final goal. Intimacy with God must be our purpose. If we pursue Him above all else, fruit simply happens.” Over this last six months, God has been … Continue reading »

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The Market

Have you ever been to a market that sells human beings? In the Mercado Oriental, the largest market in Central America, there is a section just for prostitutes. This was our beeline when we got off the bus at the Mercado. They were sitting in rows waiting for customers. They were not expecting what happened … Continue reading »

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The Peach Bearer 🍑

“God is testing us, and life is that test. If you get the answers right you go to heaven, and if you get any of the answers wrong you go to hell.” My friend and I were sitting on a brick wall in the shade of a 100 year old tree when he said this … Continue reading »

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Five Thoughts on Waiting

1. It never gets any easier. Just when I think I have mastered the art of waiting, I find myself faced with a new challenge. Waiting longer than I have ever waited before raises questions like “Does God see how long I am waiting?” And those questions raise doubts and subsequently make waiting more difficult. … Continue reading »

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Around the World in 60 Days

This year has been very different for than my past years in missions. I’ve been extended in my leadership, and given opportunities that I would never have imagined in years previous (like being the schools speaker! (See previous blog.)) Outreach is no exception! This year, for the first time ever, I will not be leading … Continue reading »

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