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Happy New Year!

Posted by on January 9, 2018

Happy New Year!

Joakim and I celebrated from Indiana where we are enjoying being with my family! We also celebrated 6 months of marriage. It’s a small milestone but after everything we have done the last six months, we feel like an old married couple. We had 2 weddings, lived in 3 different countries, spent 10 days in Italy for our honeymoon, did in-depth studies on 19 books of the Bible, and managed to still like each other a lot at the end of it all.


The biggest chunk of our married life so far was spent in Canada studying the Bible using an inductive study method. We meant to spend 9 months there doing the whole Bible, but that didn’t work out. Instead, we made it through 19 books in 3 months. We also learned to use the inductive study method so we can do our own studies of the Bible using principles that showed us how to see what’s in the text and why it was written, instead of reading it through the lens of our own experiences and beliefs. Pretty cool stuff! Although we didn’t feel it was the right season to continue with the rest of the school, we got a lot out of it we can use for future ministry. We also grew a ton in our characters, trying to navigate a new marriage, strenuous academic work, and a new country and culture away from family and friends. So, thank you to all those who prayed for us in that time, we really appreciate it.


The holidays were spent with my family in the US, and it was an awesome time of rest and enjoyment!


We hoped to spend more time in the States, and had some stuff lined up with YWAM that we hoped to join up with, but those ideas fell through because of visa requirements for Joakim. Although that was disappointing, we felt it was also an answer to prayer. When we left Canada, I felt really confused and wondered where God really wanted us and what we were meant to be doing. We know we are meant to be in ministry, but that could mean a million things. What is God’s best for us? What is a good fit for our personalities and gifts? Where can we fit? When the door closed for us to stay in the States, I felt that God was saying “no” to that, which meant He was saying “yes” to something else.

One thing Joakim and I have been pursuing over the last few months is our relationship with a couple in Bolivia who run a girls home. We are so excited to have been invited to come and see first-hand what they are doing and explore whether a ministry to orphans and at-risk kids might be something that would be a good fit for us as a family. We are traveling to Bolivia in a little less than 2 weeks, and will be gone for about 3 weeks. Please pray for us as we go, we want to be led by God, we want to be a blessing to the ministry there, we want to get to know ourselves and what we are good at a little bit more.

Can’t wait to update you on how it goes!



6 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Rosemary Molt

    We Go with God, He will show the way and everything you’ve done will be a part of the ministry. We will be praying for you.
    Lov G And G

  2. Marilyn Sauder

    I will continue to pray for you both as you look for the place of ministry where you will serve on honor Him. Love ❤️ and prayers for you as you travel to Bolivia and learn about the work there that God may have in store for you. They do speak Espanol there! Will be looking forward for updates. 😘
    Love, Grandma M. ❤️❤️

  3. Julie Scully

    Sounds like a great opportunity! Check it out, God will lead!

  4. Chris

    Excited to see where you two end up and praying for His leading!

  5. Tina Berry

    Sounds great Danica and Joakim! Love what you guys are doing and hearing a bit about your journey this past year. Excited for the future possibilities for you guys! You’ve got it and are right where God wants you! Keep trusting and listening even when it doesn’t all make sense or feel great. Love you guys! Blessings!

  6. Leann

    Hei Joakim og Danica. Leste i Bibelen forrige helg og ble minnet på dere. 1. Tim 4, 11-16. Jeg ber! Må Guds ledelse og velsignelse fylle deres hverdag!

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