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A Twist in my Story

Posted by on August 27, 2017

Hi faithful blog readers,

It has come to my attention that my last blog was written over a year ago at approximately the same time that two major events in my life happened:

  1. I finished everything I had planned to do with YWAM
  2. I started dating this really awesome guy

Suddenly, my creativity dried up. Instead of writing about traveling the world, seeing people meet Christ, and all the daring dos I once embarked on- would I write about my skype dates with my long-distance boyfriend? Or would I write about the time I was spending with my nephews, watching Peppa Pig and playing legos? God grew me so much in that season- but it was all so personal. I dealt with my own insecurity of who I was without a school to lead and people to disciple, and encountered my selfishness, unmasked by the commitment to love somebody else before myself. So, no blogs were written. Though, I can imagine that you probably would have read them and prayed for me just the same. So, I regret that a little bit.

Most of you already have the spoiler, but I married that awesome guy in the beginning of July. He challenges me to follow God and not to compromise on the truth, and he has dreams to see God move in the nations. I’m so excited to do ministry and have a family with my wonderful husband, Joakim!

Angie's Photography ©2016

Angie’s Photography ©2016

Meeting him and marrying him was not in my plans, but I am so grateful that it was in God’s plan because now I have a partner for life! We are currently living in Norway (where he is from) and he is working, while I am growing in the Lord full-time. (That’s a fancy way to say that I’m unemployed, newly married, and living in a new culture so God is teaching me things like patience, trust, and love. And patience.)

We’re not here for much longer, as we are enrolled to be students once more at the YWAM base in Vancouver, Canada. That’s right! Back to YWAM! Surprise! No? You’re not surprised? Well, me neither. 🙂

We will be students on the School of Biblical studies. It starts in just a little over a month. This school is so exciting and scary for us. It’s nine months of inductive Bible study, which is reading word by word to discover the meaning in the text. We will read the entire Bible and be writing papers and drawing charts all the way through. After the nine months, there is an outreach to teach others how to study the Bible for themselves. It is exciting because we will know the Bible really well when we have completed the course! But, it is scary because it is a lot of work, mentally and spiritually. We really feel this school will prepare us, at least somewhat, for being on the mission field.

In the future, this site and blog will likely be replaced by one that is for our family, but until then, I will try to keep you updated on our school and what God is teaching us. Please keep us in your prayers, we have so much to learn and so much we want to do.

Tussen Takk (That’s “thanks” in Norwegian)!



One Response to A Twist in my Story

  1. Wende Schultz

    Congratulations, Danica (and Joakim.) May God bless your marriage and your future ministry!
    Phil and Wende Schultz

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