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The School of Supernatural Missions

Posted by on June 21, 2016

I am back from the cabin in the woods! 

I just completed the School of Supernatural Missions with YWAM in California. The school was amazing! It was a in depth look at many of the things that God has been speaking to me about and leading me in over the last year or so. 

We covered a lot of practical topics on the school such as Prophesy, Healing, Deliverance, Worship, and Spiritual Warfare. We also talked about how it looks to do all of this stuff in a variety of cultures and contexts.

Over this school, I learned to be more confident in the gifts God has put inside me, and in what He wants to do through me. I grew in my knowledge of the Holy Spirit and what He is doing around the world, and consequently, grew in my love for Him.

One of my favourite parts was a big outreach we did in San Fransisco. It was at a New Age expo. There were booths there for palm readers and astrologers, as well as people selling organic foods and clothing. And then there was us. We set up a booth in the corner where we played music and did art and prayed for people. It was so fun! We went in as spies, praying for people who would never go to a church or probably even talk to us if they knew. But, we called it “spiritual healings” and “original design” and when they saw and felt God moving powerfully in their lives, then we could explain more to them of Jesus’ love and power. It was an incredible weekend and we saw many people healed and even a few give their lives to God.

Even though I am currently in Indiana with my family, the school is not over yet! In August and September, I will be joining a team from the California base at a YWAM base in Norway. We will be running a four week seminar on the things we learned in the school. I will be doing some teaching, be on prayer teams, and take others out to do evangelism. I am so excited to be on outreach again in a few weeks! Please continue to pray for me as I get ready to go. 

Our school and the staff being crazy lunatics 🙂

4 Responses to The School of Supernatural Missions

  1. Rosemary

    So happy to see the spirit of our Lord working in your life, you are so special to us. We enjoyed your visit an will be praying for a great blessing in the next class. Love you and look forward to the blogs!!! G & G

  2. jesse Lee

    Love it! so stoked you get to do this Danica. If anyone I know is supposed to be on outreach all the time, its you!

  3. jenae

    awesome 🙂

  4. Daniel Scully

    Yay! =D

    Same, I really do look forward to new posts. They are encouraging and exciting, and usually I end up thanking and praising and worshiping God joyfully. I wouldn’t mind them more frequently.

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