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Fruit Simply Happens

Posted by on December 19, 2015

It was in her book ‘Birthing the Miraculous’ that missionary Heidi Baker said, 

“Fruitfulness is birthed from love. Bearing fruit is a delight, but it is not the final goal. Intimacy with God must be our purpose. If we pursue Him above all else, fruit simply happens.”

Over this last six months, God has been teaching me this very lesson. 

Though I have known it all in my head for a long time, intimacy with God is not something that can be worked out or obtained through striving. No amount of Bible studies, Christian lectures, or even missions trips can teach us to love God fully. It has to be a heart decision. 

For me, in this recent season, I had put myself in a position where I desperately needed God. Things kept going awry as I tried to make them work on my own. 

Through this, I have found myself loving Him more, focusing on Him, and seeing fruit happen out of that. Instead of working and fighting a somewhat wearying struggle to obtain fruit that can be presented before God, I have begun a delightful journey of reaching for God and watching everything I wanted to see happen become a reality. This has made me love Him even more and also enjoy life and missions even more!   


This is the biggest lesson I have learned over this school, and I hope that I will continue to learn it as I keep doing life with God! He always has more to teach me.

I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a season that is filled with the joy of knowing God is with you. I will be spending a warm and sunny Christmas in Newcastle with friends before transitioning into some new things. I can’t wait to tell you about what God is calling me into next, so stayed tuned for my next update!

Happy Christmas!

One Response to Fruit Simply Happens

  1. jena

    thats a good lesson whenever at church i hear the do preach i have to remember what God is all about. Cant wait to here whats next in your life! love you and praying you have a wonderful christmas!

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