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The Market

Posted by on November 30, 2015

Have you ever been to a market that sells human beings? In the Mercado Oriental, the largest market in Central America, there is a section just for prostitutes. This was our beeline when we got off the bus at the Mercado. They were sitting in rows waiting for customers. They were not expecting what happened next. 

We started to pray for them and share the gospel with them. I had prayed for a few women when I saw one lady sitting at the back. God spoke to me “She thinks I forgot her”.

 I went to her and said, “Can I pray for you?” And she looked very surprised. “Me?” I nodded my head and said that God had not forgotten her. I began to pray for her, and as soon as I touched her shoulders, she began to cry. 

When I finished praying, she was weeping. God told me many things to say to her, things about her past so she would know He had been with her all along. He said she had once followed Him but she had turned her back on Him because of a bad circumstance that happened. She was amazed that I could know this. And God gave me a song to sing over her, which started a fresh wave of tears. 

She kept asking me, “Who are you? Why do I feel something warm and tingling in my body when you touch me? How do you know these things about me?” I could only share with her that it was God and that He had sent me all the way to Mercado Oriental in Nicaragua because she needed to know that she was not forgotten by Him.

She returned to Jesus that afternoon.


 I don’t want anyone to think they could ever be forgotten by God. 

And yet, in Nicaragua, I encountered again and again, people who felt that God looked on them either with disdain or indifference. 

Our team spent countless hours living and doing ministry with a group of young men called the Nicavangelists. These guys are from families and circumstances that you and I could never dream of. They are brought together by an amazing missionary family to break dancing and trick (a cross between martial arts and gymnastics) to spread the gospel. 

Though they have heard about Jesus for most of their lives, they can not see themselves as worthy to be loved and forgiven by Him. I think most of us feel that way, at least at some point in our lives. Probably because we are not worthy! Only Jesus is worthy. 

I shared with several of my friends that I made there that Jesus died for our sin, and He also died for our shame, and He also died for all the work of Satan in our lives. And then He rose again so we could have new life- living in His righteousness, His worthiness. 

Later that week, I got to be a part of baptising three of them, I got to speak out this truth over their lives as they physically represented the death and rebirth they were experiencing in the spiritual. 

We are all a little bit like that woman in the market. Feeling forgotten, feeling unworthy. Let’s remember what Jesus did for us so that we can walk in the life He gave us.

7 Responses to The Market

  1. Teps

    Amen. Touching story Danica. May God continue to bless your ministry and you mission there in Nicaragua.

  2. Phoebe

    This is beautiful and real. I love hearing about all the amazing work and lives you’re touching over there <3

    • danica

      Thanks Pheobe!

      I love writing about it because I am constantly floored by what God does with people when I simply love them. Everybody in the world needs hope.

      Miss you!

  3. Rosemary

    This was such an amazing and precious story and you tell it so well, we are praying for you and keep you in our thoughts daily. Love G & G

  4. jenae

    I am so glad God took you there. I will never forget Nicaragua from when i visited children selling themselves to people for glue and tge constabt bombardment of pan handling. There is a feeling of a great shadow there. The pastor i know works there with adventures in missions w his family. And i have experienced first hand how hard it is to talk to natives there with there own brand of spanish. praise God for the work he did there using you shedding the lies of the devil

  5. Daniel Scully

    This just makes me go, “YAY!” God is amazing!

    Love it Danica. It is really encouraging to read about and exciting to see what God is doing with you. It makes me marvel at how God does such things with us and it only gets better the more I hear such stories. It doesn’t matter that I did something similar just a few days ago; to delight in God endlessly gets better!

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