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Around the World in 60 Days

Posted by on August 18, 2015

This year has been very different for than my past years in missions. I’ve been extended in my leadership, and given opportunities that I would never have imagined in years previous (like being the schools speaker! (See previous blog.))

Outreach is no exception! This year, for the first time ever, I will not be leading an outreach team. I am passing the baton, training and equipping my staff to be the leaders so that all the passion and insight I have gained in that position can now be theirs! It’s pretty exciting.

So, what will I be doing for outreach?

This sneaky job called a pastoral visit.

Basically, I will be visiting my teams on the ground to help the leaders and to continue discipling them in their leadership, to provide fresh insight into any problems or disunity, to encourage the team in ministry and give a fresh fire to the work, to observe and to encourage.  It’s a unique opportunity that I am excited to pursue! I believe it will enrich both teams and also give me continued insight into development of everyone I am discipling!

First, I will traveling with a team of ten to…

I will be with this team for 3 weeks, after which they will move on, without me, to India  (and after that, Nepal) and I will be flying to…

While here, I will not be with one of my teams but will be reconnecting with friends and exploring ministry opportunities while making my way over to…

I will land in Nicaragua a couple days before the team arrives by bus (having been in El Salvador and Honduras prior to my arrival), and I will join them in their ministry for a total of 3 weeks there as well as in Costa Rica. Then, we will fly back to Australia to finish the school!

So, yes, I will be circumventing the globe in a little under 60 days! Perhaps I will write a book afterwards! 🙂

The cost of this trip is approximately $5,500 USD. Thankfully, I have been able to save up much of this from my monthly support and I am currently in need of only $2,000.

I know that some of you have already expressed interest in giving towards my next outreach, so you will hear from me shortly! If you are interested in giving and haven’t already let me know, you can do so in a tax-deductable way by sending a check made out to YWAM to:


P.O. Box 3000

Garden Valley, TX 75771-3000

Please include my name “Danica Sauder” on a separate sheet of paper. DO NOT write my name anywhere on the check.
Or on paypal (the not tax deductable way) by following this link:

Please pray for me and my team leaders as we prepare to take this group of students out to influence the world and be influenced by the call of God!

8 Responses to Around the World in 60 Days

  1. aunt chris

    Exciting to hear, Danica…esp excited to hear what you think of bangladesh….where I spent 6 months, and where Marty grew up! Your gifts will be greatly used in this role…I’m looking forward to updates! Love you!

    • danica

      Yes, I was thinking of you guys when I decided to go there! I am so excited to experience the culture there.

  2. Shirley

    This sounds like fun! I really liked your post with the maps! 🙂 I’m thrilled that you are going to get to experience this and can’t wait to hear how God will use you in this capacity.

  3. Judy Staub

    Wow,Danica!! You are really being used and stretching! We were on vacation when the last update came and I read it with this one. I’m so excited to read of your opportunities and growth. Love you and continue to pray for you.

  4. Patricia


    I’m lost for words at how fearless & strong you are! Was looking at wedding pictures last week (5 years!!) and so happy you were apart of our celebration. We will continue to pray for you & its a pleasure to know you, and a mighty woman you’ve become! BTW, we still have your magnet on our fridge. Be blessed, be a blessing <3

    • danica

      Wow! Five years! Feels like a moment ago. Thank you so much for all your continued prayers and support! I am blessed to know you and Eloy.

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